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PREMIUM Parking along the motorway
In coordination with the „Overland Competence Center / Specialized Networks“ department of the international logistics provider Kühne + Nagel, the trade association “Vereinigung Deutscher Autohöfe e.V.” (VEDA) has developed an affordable truck parking management system. “truck-parking.com” is an open system that any Autohof truck stop in Germany may join.

Our common goal is to offer PREMIUM or QUALITY truck parkings along all major transport routes and to provide drivers and carriers better comfort and security.

18 services for your benefit Premium Parking Quality Parking
Entry and exit will only be possible via a barrier system
A calibration-enabled counting system is installed in the entry and exit area
The driver or carrier will receive a qualified receipt including entry and departure times and the charge for using the supervised service parking , including VAT amount.
The road connection from the motorway exit to the Autohof with the parking facility is suitable for heavy vehicles, in terms of construction and considering the residents’ interests.
The parking area is open 24h, 365 days a year.
Parking areas for trucks and passenger cars are separated.
The truck stop is open and manned 24 hours a day. Users will always have a contact available, especially regarding the parking area and the related service facilities.
Entry and exit to the truck parking area are under video surveillance. All arriving and departing trucks will be recorded in the barrier area. Under ordinary lighting and soiling conditions, license plates can be recognized.
There are no additional entry and exit routes to the parking area.
Outside the entry and exit areas, access to the parking area is prevented by embankments, plant coverage, rocks, fences etc.
The parking facility provides firm ground in all places.
All parking spaces and traffic lanes are lighted by night.
Peripheral areas to truck parkings, in particular all access facilities from outside, are under video surveillance. The video system will record 24h. As an alternative to video surveillance or peripheral areas, a fence with at 1.80 m minimum height may be built.
The video system’s transmission monitors are installed in the petrol station shop, the checkout area or in the office and only visible to personnel, available for personnel 24h a day. The recording devices are installed in zones accessible to authorized personnel only.
Data from the video camera are recorded, erased and/or disclosed according to legal possibilities and guidelines.
In the petrol station shop and in the office, an emergency sheet with phone numbers for police, medical care and pastoral care is on display.
Coffee and other drinks as well as a selection of hot meals are available 24h a day and may be consumed in the building.
Sanitation and facilities for driver personnel’s special requirements, in particular washbasins and a lockable personal shower area are open 24 h a day, and easily accessible from the truck parking. Access routes from the parking area to the building is lighted by night.

You are operating an Autohof and are interested in partnering with
truck-parking.com“? Your request is welcome.